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Polaris Hotswap Replacement PCBs — FJLaboratories

Aftermarket Replacement Hotswap PCBs for the ai03 Polaris Gasket Mount Keyboard — Felix Jen

Released on June 04, 2021

ai03 Polaris Hotswap PCBs

Designed and produced by FJLaboratories, these aftermarket hotswap PCBs were made to fit the ai03 Polaris gasket mount keyboard. These PCBs use high grade FR4 for long term durability and heat tolerance even in intense desoldering. Furthermore, these PCBs are only 1.2mm thick—like the original Polaris PCBs—for ultimately flexibility. Revolutionary multi-layout hotswap support was added without compromising usability of any of the positions. Reinforcement was added to the underside of the hotswap sockets to reduce chances of damage during repeat insertions.


Photos courtesy of PrevailKeyCo:

Technical Details

Specification Value
PCB Thickness 1.2mm
PCB Material Tg 170-180 FR4
Surface Finish ENIG 1U
Copper Weight 1oz/ft2
Soldermask Brilliant White
Maximum Power Consumption 30mA
Standby Power Consumption 14mA
Overall Dimensions 284.0mm x 96.5mm
Microprocessor ATMEGA32U4-MU
Firmware Download (VIA) Download Firmware
QMK Repository Firmware QMK Github
VIA Repository VIA Github
Plate File Available through ai03

Where to Buy

These PCBs have completed Round 2 Group Buy, and this page will be updated with additional information as it becomes available.