fj laboratories

Musings, deliberations, and end results.

FJ Laboratories – The Origin

I am the combined effort of everyone I've ever known.

Who Am I

FJ Laboratories is not a design studio. It’s not a engineering group. It’s not a technology development company. I am FJ Laboratories, a graduated law student that happens to have an interest in consumer electronics, electronic design, and if you haven’t realized yet, mechanical keyboards.

I’m happy to take on any sorts of mechanical keyboard related commissions including PCB design, end-to-end manufacturing production, PCB assembly, firmware development, and renderings. Please reach out to me through my Contact Page or through my Discord server linked below and in the menu bar.

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The Blog, the Vision, the Idea

The blog will be full of technical ramblings and hopefully useful information about random electronics and design topics which happen to amuse me at the moment. I try to keep everything as well researched as possible, citing my sources (following the Bluebook, 21st ed. format and the Chicago Manual of Style where the Bluebook leaves no guidance) whenever I feel such source best illustrates the point I am trying to make. I am in no way a field expert on most of these topics, but rather have a modicum of knowledge picked up along the way, through the various experiments and jerry-built projects.

I’d love to hear from you if you’ve learned anything useful from my blog posts or if you have any comments or suggestions for future posts. As well, please reach out if there are any corrections you feel should be made to any post or if you have album suggestions for future Spotlight posts.