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Alexa Hotswap PCB — Maker Keyboards

Leaf Spring Mount 65% — Felix Jen

Released on December 11, 2021

Alexa — A Unique Leaf Spring Mounted 65%

Alexa innovates on typing comfort with leaf-spring top mount, PCB gasket mount, support for plateless configurations, and a comfortable 16.5 mm front height. The Alexa PCB also features in-browser keymap customization with Remap, and comes with epoxy-reinforced 2nd generation Kailh hotswap sockets for resistance against wear and damage from repeated switch insertions. The PCB features high-temperature rated materials to reduce warping and ensure longevity in day to day use.

The PCB supports both QMK and VIA by default, in addition to RemapKeys.


Photos rendered by FJLaboratories on Keyshot:

Technical Details

Specification Value
PCB Thickness 1.2mm
PCB Material Tg 170-180
Surface Finish ENIG 2U
Copper Weight 1oz/ft2
Soldermask Matte Black
Maximum Power Consumption 30mA
Standby Power Consumption 12mA
Overall Dimensions 303mm x 93.8mm
Microprocessor ATMEGA32U4-MU

Where to Buy

The Alexa keyboard kit is currently available for group buy orders at Maker Keyboards. Note that group buy products are available during limited windows and will be fulfilled according to the timeline listed on the order page.