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Froggy Mat — frogki

Frog themed Deskmat — Felix Jen

Released on February 26, 2022

Froggy Mat

it’s a frog! on a mat! froggy mat!! they bring good vibes and sleep alot. u can choose where they sleep! in a mushroomy meadow or a cooling pond, they won’t mind. both are good places for them to catch some zzz’s. we hope you smile a bit when you see them vibing on your desk.

— frogki

FJLaboratories was involved in the design finalization and review procedures. Additionally, FJLaboratories exclusively handled the production and manufacturing of the these mats.


Photos rendered by FJLaboratories on Keyshot using the Mintlodica Magic Girl color scheme:

Technical Details

Specification Value
Dimensions 900mm x 400mm
Thickness 4mm
Warp/Weft Scale 0.1mm

Where to Buy

The Froggy mats are available in limited print and are available for purchase on while supplies last.