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Block-67 Hotswap PCB — ENGStudio

Hotswap PCB for Block-67 — Felix Jen

Released on December 02, 2021

Block-67 Hotswap PCB — An Affordable 65% gasket mount keyboard

ENG Stdio is back with a new project – the Block-67 - a 65% gasket mount keyboard, with a case CNC milled out of a solid block of aluminum, priced at 144 USD. A 65% gasket mount keyboard with a price comparable to your average 60% tray mount has been possible for years now, but it was never realized. The Block-67 is here to change that. We plan to maximize functionality and minimize price while not compromising on looks. The blocky design with uniform bezels creates a sleek aesthetic, while also making it recognizable among other 65% keyboards.

The PCB supports both QMK and VIA by default.


Photos rendered by FJLaboratories on Keyshot:

Technical Details

Specification Value
PCB Thickness 1.6mm
PCB Material Tg 130-140
Surface Finish HASL Lead-Free
Copper Weight 1oz/ft2
Soldermask Matte Black
Maximum Power Consumption 30mA
Standby Power Consumption 12mA
Overall Dimensions 303mm x 93.8mm
Microprocessor ATMEGA32U4-MU

Where to Buy

The Block-67 keyboard kit can be found at ENGStudio for worldwide orders. These keyboards kits are sold through limited group buy and in-stock orders and may not be available for purchase in the future.