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7V Hotswap — FJLaboratories x BG08

7V Multi-Layout Hotswap with Kailh v2 — Felix Jen

Released on November 01, 2021

7V Hotswap — Replacement Multi-Layout Hotswap PCB

These 7V Hotswap PCBs were designed as a collaboration between FJLaboratories and BG08. Each PCB is painstakingly measured to fit the Gok 7V case to 0.05mm tolerances on all sides. These PCBs feature unique full wrap-around gold plating on all the edges and leaf springs, including the top and bottom sides, and support for the new Kailh V2 hotswap socket for extended service life and better plateless compatibility. Additionally, these PCBs feature RGB LEDs for use with clear-resin badges, which can be disabled if desired. Compatibility is provided for all original layouts except center-stem 6U spacebar. All gold plated areas are double-thick for improved smoothness and a heftier premium feel.

The PCB supports both QMK and VIA/Remap by default.


Photos courtesy of Flybeck ([email protected]):

Technical Details

Specification Value
PCB Thickness 1.6mm
PCB Material Tg 170-180 FR4
Surface Finish ENIG – 2U Thick
Copper Weight 1oz/ft2
Soldermask Gloss White
Maximum Power Consumption 150mA
Standby Power Consumption 12mA
Overall Dimensions 316mm x 135.5mm
Microprocessor ATMEGA32U4-MU
Firmware Download (VIA) Download Firmware
} VIA JSON Download Download VIA JSON
QMK Repository Firmware Pull Request
VIA Repository Pull Request

Where to Buy

The 7V Hotswap PCBs are available for pre-order now at